Lightbulb Dictionary of Financial Terms


Chances are, with financial issues constantly in the news, you frequently come across financial terms that you don’t know, or that you think you might know, but aren’t quite sure. Luckily a plain language definition of these financial terms and phrases is just a click away.

You can purchase the Lightbulb Dictionary of Financial Terms app for your mobile phone, or tablet. An enterprise version is available for licensing as an RSS data feed.

We add new words and update definitions all the time, so the Dictionary is always timely and accurate.

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Sample Terms
Accredited investor
Blind pool
Cafeteria plan
Compound interest
Credit score
Fallen angel
Home equity line of credit (HELOC)
Individual retirement arrangement (IRA)
Level load
Offering price
Per stirpes
Quadruple witching day
Real estate investment trust (REIT)
Real rate of return
Salary reduction plan
Target date fund
Zero sum